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Salt Lake City Traditional Wedding!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post (I am still trying to figure this thing out!). I want to keep these simple and quick. These posts are to serve as a brief highlight reel from weddings and sessions shot by me. I can answer questions in the comments below, and share tips and tricks to make the most of your session and or wedding with me!

Today, I am starting with this gorgeous wedding in the mountains of Salt Lake City. This was in the fall of 2019. My bride Kate was an absolute angel and planned her day wonderfully. She had a coordinator that made sure we were always on schedule! While we only had about 30 minutes for portraits before the reception, that was all we needed because we did the groomsmen photos before the ceremony. Fun fact, they had a mini Cheez-it bar! I love the details unique to my amazing couple.

I can't get over this venue + setting (or her HAIR!!!)!

To view the whole gallery, click here! Be sure to check out the dance portion of the reception. I mixed light-dragging flash techniques with natural light night shots to get a little bit of everything! I am OBSESSED with how it turned out.

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