Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book?

Message me through the form at the bottom of my page! Be detailed! Once we have a date/general location, in order to be officially in the books we need to sign a contract (don't worry, it is all done digitally). Once the contract is signed, a deposit needs to be paid. This can be done with a credit card, Venmo, Paypal, cash, or check! The deposit is generally 25%-50% of the total package booked. The rest is due a few days before the event. Keep in mind, for out of state/country travel weddings, the full travel fee needs to be paid with the retainer (so I can book my flights!). Once the deposit and contract are good to go, so are we!

How long does the edit take and how many photos do I get?

For sessions like senior photos, engagements, bridals, or family photos it can take a few days to edit but you will most likely have your shots within a day in an online gallery. Don't worry, even though my edit time is insanely fast compared to the going turn-around, I still take the standard 4-6 hours editing your session (my secret is- I just begin culling/editing the same day as your session)! This way I never get my sessions backed up and always have peace of mind knowing your files aren't sitting on a hardrive somewhere for weeks on end. For weddings, expect about a week or so to get your photos back. I send as many as turn out and it takes me at least 12 hours to cull/edit. This means I don't limit for the sake of limiting. Anything that has ANY redeeming qualities no matter how imperfect is coming your way. I do this because 1. I like pretty much everything 2. I want you to know there's no shots that were overlooked and 3. Because my edit is simple (I am not adding any dramatic photoshop effects) I am able to send more shots. Sessions usually end up with 250+ photos in a gallery but I have been known to send over 400 shots from a couple's session. I can't help it. I love options! Even if the variation from one photo to the next is minimal, I still like sending both. For larger family photos there will be less (around 100-200) as we are sticking to more of a "look at me and smile" style rather than a ton of candids. For weddings it just depends on the number of hours shooting. For a four hour day, I often send around 450-800, and for my 8 hour days I usually send anywhere from 1,000-2,000. Again, I know you will not use all of them, but you have the option to select all your favorites for printing/posting. I always edit in the same order that I shoot my sessions. If your session is right after a wedding, please except a few more days. I will always communicate this with you!

Can I have the RAW photos?

Nope! RAW photos are never available. Ever. I am happy to show you shots straight off my camera all session long (I LOVE it actually!). I also send SO many shots you don't need to worry about what else I didn't send. If it's remotely decent, I send it! If you have preferences, let me know BEFORE I edit. Your edit is always dependent on lighting, color tones, setting, and so much more. I can't edit an indoor studio session to look like golden hour and I won't make your night time shots light and airy. My edit is a little bit trendy but I also want it to be timeless. I like my whites bright and true, I like my mid tones on the warmer side, I like my shadows dark and rich. Whether it is a sunny day at noon, or those magic minutes after the sun has just set, my base edit remains the same and it is honestly very subtle (it just looks different depending on all the factors listed above).

How does travel work?

I love to travel for shoots! I generally travel for about three weeks per month for work. I am willing and happy to go just about anywhere. Once you inquire and send me your info I will most likely give you a travel quote that is added to the package total. This quote is a general fee based on your location that covers my food, housing, ground transportation, and flight. This is easier for everyone than sending receipts for every little travel expense (although there are times where this method is preffered like in international travel weddings!). Once you pay the travel fee/deposit, I will start booking and I will see you at your destination! If you're wondering why travel is paid in addition to the deposit from the beginning, this is so I can book my travel without cutting into the deposit. The deposit is to hold your spot and only to hold your spot. If you need to cancel for now, I can't afford to lose the deposit because I used it on travel.

What should I/we wear?

Do not stress too much about this! Black, white, earth-tones, darks, pastels, and gentle patterns are great! Neon colors and loud patterns usually don't look the best when shooting in nature. Fine pin stripes also look funny on camera. Don't worry, there are always exceptions. When in doubt, bring a bunch of options to your session and I will help you make some looks. You can also text me your ideas any time. I recommend shoes you can move in because I will have you running/rolling/spinning/drunk-walking all session long. As for how many outfits- two is usually best but you can do as many outfit changes as your time slot allows. For families, find a general color palette and work within it. Don't be too matchy-matchy and don't stress. I have never had a family do a bad job styling and I know it is a major point of stress.

We are awkward in front of the camera! Will you pose us?

There are no awkward couples, only awkward photographers. Every person I have ever shot said this at first and they all did amazing! A vast majority of my clients have never had professional photos taken before so I understand the anxieties that come with it. I give as much or as little direction as is needed. I will start by fluidly directing every single movement and detail. I have prompts to get the fun candids. They feel stupid but trust me! Posing 100% depends on what your needs are! I will never put you on the spot with certain pose prompts ("tell a funny joke!") and I will always ask permission before making any adjustments to your hair/clothes/body. I love listening to your ideas and I love when you show me a few realistic inspo pics. We can keep it classy or get steamy depending on what you want but I prefer a little of everything. Don't worry about stiff and cheesy poses, I prefer movement, intimate moments, and authentic laughs.

Why is photography so expensive?

While my rate is on the lower end, I do still have to invest thousands upon thousands on gear (cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards, lighting, computers, etc). I also have to spend money on my website, editing software, data management, online gallery subscriptions, education, insurance, and anything else your typical small business needs to run smoothly. I spend far more hours editing than I do shooting. I spend hours working on communication with clients and working on my business behind the scenes. I spend hours driving from location to location (I put over 25,000 miles on my little car for shoots alone in 2019). In just three years I have shot hundreds of weddings and sessions. More than any of the monetary costs of doing photography, what I do is valuable and I take great pride in it. Photos become more valuable over time. I love to think while shooting a family or cute couple that their grandkids will be able to enjoy these photos. Memories are valuable and so important. I am here to help you capture them in an authentic and artistic way, so that you can always look back on these magical times.

How can I print my photos?

Your contract grants you full printing rights. I leave it to you to decide when/where/how you want to print your photos. When I got married I noticed many photographers would send proofs and then I could buy prints from them while not having the option to download my photos at all. This becomes astronomically expensive. As a bride, I just wanted my edits digitally so I could choose to print or post them when and where I wanted to. I also noticed some who charge for the shoot but hide the fact you have to pay hundreds or thousands more to have access to the actual files. While certain big chain stores do it cheap & fast, always do some research and find a site or local shop that specializes in prints. Let them advise you. I am handing you more edits in a convenient online gallery than you will know what to do with, with the understanding that printing is totally up to you! That being said, I LOVE when my clients send me photos of their prints on the wall or their photo books.

Do you offer any discounts?

I do offer a 15% off discount for immediate family members! The reason I do not offer specials or discounts is because my rate is already an insanely awesome deal! While my rates are standard for Utah, the going rate outside of Utah (specifically the East Coast) for what I do is 2-3x more and you often get far less in return. Investing in quality photography is worth it and I will always have your back. Occasionally I do offer mini sessions for a couple days per year so keep an eye out for those!

How much will you retouch?

Because I want my clients to look like themselves, my edit is mainly focused around light and color. I will not change your body or face in an unrealistic manner. I will spot remove minor blemishes but I will not airbrush skin- as I prefer a natural and real look. I often clean up backgrounds to remove distractions when absolutely needed and I straighten all shots. Every case is different and you are always welcome to discuss your needs with me! If you pick a small handfull of shots you want a little extra retouching for just reach out immeditaly after you recieve your edits and I will see what I can do!